A Unique Audiences Program

The most robust first party data offering in the equine industry

Equine Network is the largest equine subscription organization covering western and English, competition and community. Growing to be the world’s largest and most valuable data-driven subscription and recurring membership-based organization, Equine Network’s house of brands deliver content, competition, commerce and community for the entirety of the equine world.​

Our drive to better serve the equine industry led us to make significant investments in our tools and platforms. This helps us continue to collect, organize and leverage this data... And now we can offer it to you. 


Reaching Equine Audiences

Our Total Audience

Equine network's reach

Our extensive partnerships provide access to a robust audience and first party data. We know what horse enthusiasts are reading, saying, and buying and use those proprietary insights to create targeted plans addressing your goals and challenges.

Let’s discuss how EN Audiences can help you:

  • Reach new prospects to help you reach our KPIs and growth in 2023
  • Target horse owners directly where Google and Meta fall flat​
  • Understand the motivations and triggers that move these audiences to action

Targeting Opportunities

Customize your message to have the largest impact



From detailed content around horse health issues, to roping training and participation, to heartwarming stories about beloved trail horses, we can target topics with a specificity and variety unrivaled in the market.


Current Event Attitudes

In addition to our annual industry survey, which keeps a pulse on horse owner concerns and attitudes, our research partners help us stay on top of fast-changing realities. We can monitor economic trends quarterly and understand how customers may be impacted by political shifts. This means EN can help you understand which topics your consumers may want to hear brands talk about and deliver messages directly to the people who would like to hear them.


Interest Level

No one reads the same articles, watches the same videos, or listens to the same podcasts every day. Because our unique first-party data set spans the entire horse industry, Equine Network can tell advertisers when an audience segment starts researching a product, service or issue, indicating they may be ready to buy right now. This means you can deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.



We have been in this business long enough to know what horse owners want and need to enhance their horse experiences. But we also know that trends in new accessories, services, and even healthcare products can be hard to predict. We can keep you informed about the latest trends in the markets while ensuring your brand is represented in the conversation.



Equine Network’s insights do not end at page views. We have an expansive set of email newsletters, allowing us to provide deep insight into how often audiences open and engage with that content, often signifying much higher intent than article views alone. Even better, we can put brands in front of those highly engaged individuals.


Motivations & Values

Equine Network has partnered with leading consumer research firms to better understand our customers and yours. Using rigorously refined statistical methods, we can start to understand motivations and values like creativity, conservatism, family, and the environment. The result of that research can be both enhanced creative and messaging, along with more direct targeting.

Program Levels

Our Audience Options

Broad Audience

  • Targeted Anonymized Audience Activations
  • Audience segmentation options
  • Monthly audience refresh


  • Everything in the Broad Audience option, plus
  • The ability to further refine audience using attributes like topic, engagement and trends


  • Everything in the Broad Audience and Explore options, plus
  • Up to 5 attributes to further learn about and target the audience
  • Quarterly Industry Insights report with proprietary insights


  • Ability to utilize a custom dashboard to provide further audience segmentation, insights and activation to platforms whenever you want
  • Onboard your own customers for additional insights.
  • User-friendly Audience Dashboard
  • Deployment management including reporting on metrics

Custom Audience Program

  • Taking service to the ultimate in customization and proprietary data, we will work with the client to identify goals, KPIs and timelines and create a fully-custom program. Equine Network specialist analysis will provide deep-dive insight reporting answering directly to client goals and KPIs. Additionally, a strategic plan for utilizing these insights will be shared, measured and optimized to continually meet and exceed client needs.

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